Morning Kisses

Kisses in the morning

Dancing on my cheek

Kisses of the sunlight

Are making me weak

Kisses, lovely kisses

I can’t seem to breathe

Kisses from the sunlight

Awakes me from a dream


Kisses of the sunshine

Aglow on my skin

Kisses of the morning

As the sunbeams come in

No more in a dream world

For kisses are real

Because on this morn

Sunlight kisses I can feel


Standing by the window

Basking in the sun

What compares to these kisses?

And thought, there is none

A beautiful morn, filled with warm

Kisses from head to toe

Wishing this morn will never end

Oh I love it so


Arise! It is morn

Awake from your dream

To experience anew

A kiss from a sunbeam

No more in a dream-world

Embrace this your sunbeam

A morning kiss of sunlight

Is all you really need

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