Immortal Me – Phoenix

I feel myself burn

The pain lasts but a second

Then bliss

Transported to a place

Where there was no more anguish or heartache

A place so peaceful and yet it doesn't last

But a short time it does

I can feel the cocoon encasing me as I try to break free

And then poof… I did

Growth is fast as I re-incarnate into…me

Stronger than before, more powerful than before.


The first time was a long time ago

Where violations weakened me

Made me sink to depths of despair.

The burning as I burst into flames but only for a short time,

Then from the ash I rose

Then came life's tribulations

Causing me much anguish and pain

More than I could bear

In the deep abyss I fell

Wanting to embrace the darkness

And the darkness to embrace me

Then again I again re-incarnate into me…

Stronger, more powerful than before


As I rise from the ashy remains of my past self

I become me

Who I want to be

I am living stronger and more powerful than I ever lived before

And I know that I shall rise yet again if I should burn.

My reincarnation is sure, because I AM PHOENIX…immortal!


As my soul looks down at me in that moment…!


Reincarnating into self

Stronger and stronger the ash revives

From a place of pain and sorrow

Violations and manipulations

Sank beneath the ash

Hidden self-worth

Somewhere in the midst an ember ignites

It burns with determined glow

Finding the strength on which to survive

Grasping for a log in which to light

Heart ache and anguish took her first life

Somehow she rose again to thrive

Life then took another death blow

Again she sank into oblivion

Grasping and reaching she found a new grip

On life she tries to hold

Then again dreams are shattered

Life grows cold

Somewhere in the dust

Life is a must

That one ember ignites

To give her life …once more

As phoenix rise

Taking flight

And leaves the ash behind



About this poem…

I have had a life that has been wrought with turmoil, anguish, pain and despair but over time, I would rise out of that dark place and find peace again. This time I feel that I have been healed completely, because for the first time in years I actually do not feel that sense of looming doom. I feel that if anything should go wrong again I could handle it with strength and courage.

You know, some people go through hell and they feel that if anything is to happen again they could not handle it. They fear the unknown, always looking out for that something. I don't!

I have been through sickness and surgeries, sexual violation, depression, heartbreak and so much more…but I have never been stronger.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a phoenix. This is a mythological bird that lives for hundreds of years and would reincarnate itself through flames, after each life cycle. I feel that my world has been filled with fire and each time I come out stronger like the Phoenix!

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