Revival Of A Soul

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind

I searched as I try to find

The cords that used to bind

His soul to mine

But as fate told by time

Pain has crossed the line

Beyond a place I am yet to climb


Dank and dark in depths so low

 A place my heart insists to go

Where life and love will never grow

To dampen that fires can’t seem to glow

A numbness replaced by pains chronic blow

And darkness envelopes the soul below

While salted rivers cease to flow


Standing on the edge of life

When yes and no becomes a strife

Will and won’t are in a fight

To overcome darkness and see the light

When fires again begin to burn bright

Where embers had fought to remain alight

And blinded eyes regain their sight



A soul is once again redeemed

And life is sought and found indeed

The heart will plant another seed

To love again where others need

Soul rises above the brink so steep

With joy and faith it takes a leap

And finds a place of blissful sleep

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