Hearts Afire

Nestled betwixt the sheets
Entwined in ecstasy
A love that knows no bounds
Where lives refuse to part
His hand finds a path
In wild and forest depth
To forge ahead
Where others never tread
Two lives entwined
In a never ending line
As no one else can break
This bond of love
So deep and sure
To sink into its depth
A sea of mist
Encompass the mind
As hot lavas flow
To reach a height
Like birds in flight
Soars like kite
Never ending night
Passions and fires
Truths be told
Bodies are bold
When hearts race with desire
Veins burn like ice
Looking into the eyes
As stars are alight
To shine upon this night
Where moon and sun meet
Gentle groans and pretty moans
In bitter sweet painful bliss
A cloud will carry
Two hearts and bodies
Heaven bound

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