Trail blazing paths of fire

Trembling with desire

Molten kisses upon my neck

As you lay me upon the slippery deck


Hard muscles ripple

With every wave and tide

When you enter my secret place

Massaging me inside


Sensations, waves of tension

Shoot throughout my being

Feelings of ecstasy

I have never yet seen


Bumping and grindings

Bodies entwined

Floating on clouds of rapture

In an everlasting bind


Fiery kisses

Feather-light upon my skin

Burning embers alit

When two bodies become akin


Open like a flower

Bursting with desire

Plunging into bliss

Sealed with a hungry kiss


Entombed in a cocoon

Wrapped up in my arms

Thrusting into pleasurable bliss

 Nothing compares to this


Explosions of dynamite

Bursting deep within

Exploding into each other

Sweat pouring through my skin


Sweet rapture over flow

Soaring to higher heights

When two lovers sprout wings

Like two birds taking flight


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