Ice melting droplets steaming touch of fire

Cool temperatures starting is sizzle, burning with desire

Syllables and monotones, mutterings and sighs

Electric sensations, body languages do not lie


The heat of a smile, coolness of a stride

Smoking eyes, blazing to burn like fire

Ice burning chill, call it what you will

Trailing a path of electric wires


Electrons and neutrons, blasting magnetic fields

Positives and negatives creating heat waves

Pulling currents into never ending space

To culminate in an ecstatic race


Coils of tension releases

Warm down electrifying as it pleases

Blast of nature, decode and capture

Returns in moderation……room temperature

Hot or cold, temperatures unfold, spike in the heat

Melting through the cold, snow capped peaks

Drizzle with defeat, their white milky substance

Changing temperatures flooding like rivers


Ozone layers, breaking down

Open up to dangerous heat

Sun melting, skin sweating

Pressure increases as pulse racing


Oceans and rivers cease to flow

Smooth tough unyielding ice

Rising temperatures, combustive heat

Ice cracking beneath your feet


Cold or hot, frozen or melted

Unpredictable temperate zones

Too many variables impossible to stall

When exposed to temperature's irresistible call

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